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PBXware 3.8.2

The NEW PBXware Version 3.8.2 boasts a variety of new features, designed with your business in mind. Don't miss this update and the ability it gives you to lead your company forward.

In addition to all the features you have come to know and trust, Version 3.8.2 offers you the following:


Increased Security
because files are now created dynamically and served to the device after a configuration request is sent to PBXware, requiring a username and password.
Increased Speed
due to the capability of all devices to use HTTP protocal. This ensures much more rapid auto provisioning.
Increased Functionality
thanks to UAD templating per tenant, per device. Support now available for even more Polycom, Yealink, and Cisco firmware versions.
Simultaneous Provisioning
allows customers to use both TFTP and HTTP provisioning sumultaneously as long as the devices support HTTP provisioning with digest authentication.


Asterisk v1.8
is the new version of Asterisk, now compatible with PBXware. Asterisk has addressed many of the bugs and issues in previous versions, resulting in an overall more stable, reliable system. One specific improvement to PBXware is the reload process: previously, all modules would be reloaded after a modification, now only the modified module is reloaded. Read more.
gloCOM v3.0
gives you the most up-to-date software and features for all of your communication needs. Offer end users a complete package that cannot compare to the competition. Read more.
T.38 Faxing
allows faxing over a VoIP network. This feature was problematic in previous versions of PBXware and worked best with fax-to-email scenarios. Version 3.8 supports even fax-to-fax messages. Read more.
Yealink Features
have been expanded to give users more flexibility and control over the configurations. New features include the ability to edit UAD templates, remote phonebook, and EXP39 sidecard provisioning. Read more.
Parking Lots
in the Multi-Tenant edition allow users to park calls in their own, private virtual 'parking lot' so that another user might answer the call. Previously, parking lots were shared between tenants. Read more.
Callback Queues
have been re-implemented to make the callback queue feature more functional. This gives callers the option of receiving a callback rather than waiting in a queue until an agent is available. Read more.
capabilities give you the security that your company and your End Users deserve. PBXware 3.8 protects you from threats to security and privacy via encryption of SIP, audio, and data. Read more.

For a complete list of new features, please see the PBXware version 3.8 Release Notes or the 3.8.2 Release Notes.

And this is just the start. There is much more to come, including:


Hotdesking Shared Line Appearance (SLA)
Telephony Billing Enhancements Reseller Role Bases

The newest version of PBXware promises a number of benefits to you, including:


More Revenue Greater Ease-of-Use
Lower Churn More Efficiency

Please note, this is a major upgrade and will require a half-day of labor and downtime. If you would like to upgrade to the new system please keep the following in mind:



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