Since 2003 the Bicom Systems Group has been finding and integrating innovative Open Source Telephony Projects to commercialise by unifying with its suite of Management Softwares. In September 2004 Bicom Systems launched its PBXware software and became the first company to deliver a solution using an Open Source Communications software as Professional Turnkey Product. The concept of
Vision Statement
We unify communications
Mission Statement
We provide the Communicating World with the most Complete Turnkey Communication Systems available by Creating, Unifying and Supporting the Most Advanced of Current Technologies.
To focus on the production of quality systems while building solid lasting relationships with local partners to achieve the furthest fastest reach for our products.
To liberate the world from traditional communication systems
Global and Corporate Reach
We can and have deployed on every continent. Our products are used daily by one-person businesses, SMBs, blue chip corporations, governments and service providers.
Worldwide Offices
Headquarters : United Kingdom, EU Offices: France, EU; California, USA For more details, please follow this link:
The company is private (driven by the founders), profitable and debt free.
Recent Achievements
Africa Ouagadougou International Airport, Burkina Faso Asia Setting up of Nayatel in Pakistan to provide Hosted PBXs to its business customers. System to scale to tens of thousands of users. Australia RHGL, The Call Center for one of the largest and listed Home Finance Company
The Brand
When creating the concept of
Business Units
PBXs From SMBs to corporations and governments we deliver timely safe choices of IP and Hybrid PBXs to unify customers communication needs. Call Center We provide off-the-shelf and custom solutions to Call Centers. By understand the Call Center
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