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Are you looking for…

  • Sustainable revenue
  • Value-added solutions
  • White label products
  • Multi-tenancy and scalability
  • A forward-thinking team
  • Subscription-based services
  • Cloud technology

…Welcome to Bicom Systems!

Bicom Systems helps partners around the world to:

  • Add more value to your existing solutions by merging multiple technologies like Unified Communications, Key Systems, the Cloud, and more into one stable, marketable product.
  • Reduce customer churn by stimulating long-term commitment, nourishing partners even after the sale, and constantly innovating upgrades and custom solutions based on the newest technology.
  • Keep pace with industry trends with a team of experienced account managers, technical support engineers, telecom experts, and marketing professionals.

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Pain-Free Transitions (A Real Answer to Your Dilemma)

We can support your existing hosted or premise deployment, no strings attached. Transitioning to a new partner is enough change for today. Our focus is on migrating your existing solution as quickly and painlessly as possible, with little to no disruption to your customers. Our hosted solutions (IP-PBX and Multi-Tenant) and on-site solutions (including PBX platforms, Call Center software, and IP Key Systems) can be molded to fit your current business model.

Sustainable Growth (Mapping Out the Future)

Once you have successfully migrated to Bicom Systems, we can support your gradual adoption of additional technologies. There is no need to rush, we will take it step-by-step. Popular add-ons like Unified Communications will enable your business to increase customer satisfaction, enter the newer telecom markets, and grow freely. Use any or all of our add-ons to increase the value of your existing solutions.

About much more than just business growth, our focus on scalability means that we meet you where you are. Our partners are able to start as small or large as necessary and grow their solution as they go. With unlimited tenants and extensions, scaling up or down is done with the click of a button.

Value-Added Solutions (More Profit From Each Sale)

You may be making sales left and right, but what if you could make more profit from each sale? Our natively integrating add-ons like UCaaS, mobility, or billing software are the frosting on your proverbial cake. Our partners sell not only products, but bundles and complete solutions that are worth more both up-front and on a month-to-month basis.

Build Your Own Solution (Start Earning for Yourself)

VoIP and UCaaS are some of the building blocks that will enable you to construct a complete communications solution on your existing foundation. This means developing your own brand and the opportunity to enter a whole new market.

Services like VoIP or UC give your WISP an edge over competitors by adding more cards to your hand. Aside from all of the expected UCaaS features, we support integration, billing, security, and more. The more services you offer, the easier it will be to make the next sale.

Your Success is Our Success (Your New Team)

Our offer is backed by an experienced team of technical support engineers, telecommunications experts, and marketing professionals. If you partner with us, they will back you too. From a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific needs, to engineers that achieve functionality on your behalf, to free marketing materials for your own customers, we are invested in the success of our partners.

Bicom Systems goes above and beyond the features and capabilities you would expect by giving you an experienced Account Manager that is prepared to walk you through the transition and even beyond. Rest assured that your Account Manager will understand your business and ensure you receive the best possible system and support available

A Competitive Edge Based on 15 Years of Experience (Our Promise to You)

With partners of all sizes, from different industries, and spread geographically across the world, our experience is one of our most important promises to you. By keeping a pulse on past, current, and future telecom trends, we can help your company stay ahead of the competition. Some of our partners include IDEACOM, NEC, and Iridium Satellite Services.

No Risk (Tried-and-True Platform)

Bicom Systems offers a complete, low-risk communications platform for telecoms across the world. We are a partner-centric company that supports telecoms as they adopt VoIP, Unified Communications, and the latest technological trends. You bring the foundation, we bring the bricks and mortar.

Your Customers Want it (Reduce Customer Churn & Make the Next Sale)

Your existing customers are likely itching to get their hands on UC and its many benefits. Your future customers will simply expect it. You have the unique advantage of an existing customer base that can be converted to UC as soon as you get started.

All the Pieces of the Puzzle (Our Products)

Boost your sales, growth, and product value by subscribing to one solution with all of the interlocking pieces. You can package and resell a product with not only telephony, but also billing, security, mobility, Unified Communications, and more. Your existing foundation can take you into new markets with added services and features. Just as you wish to deliver a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to your customers, we wish to do the same for our partners. Bicom Systems makes your job easier by bringing all of the pieces to the table, including: telephony, mobility, security, billing, and UC. We take care of the mundane so you can focus on selling.

Affordability (Do More For Less)

Bicom Systems communications solutions are less expensive, yet more feature-rich that most alternatives. We are interested in helping you jumpstart your growth with your existing resources and budget. Growth will come by default, both in terms of increased sales and higher value offerings.

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