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We help you build your own brand with all-in-one, white label solutions

Take the control of your business and your customers with a white label solution. Bicom Systems gives you a full developed and supported platform that you can take to market immediately and brand as your own. You have all of the control over pricing, marketing, and customers without having to do any of the heavy-lifting. Learn more in our blog post The Benefits of a White Label Provider.

Our all-in-one solution includes everything your customers need, giving you a competitive edge. The more services you offer, the easier it will be to make the next sale.

We support full scalability with a true multi-tenant platform

On-premise solutions can be pieced together to form a Multi-Tenant look-alike, but these makeshift solutions are complicated, costly, and a bit of a headache. Bicom Systems PBXware Multi-Tenant gives you unlimited tenants and scalability so that you can grow freely. Learn more in our blog post The Benefits of Multi-Tenancy for Resellers & Users.

We work with partners of all sizes. Start as small as you need to, grow as large as you can dream.

gloCOM and gloCOM GO, Desktop and Mobile Unified Communications - Supported Platforms
Meet the Communications Software Suite that has everything you need to communicate, collaborate and connect.
We add value to your solutions for increased profits

You may be making sales left and right, but what if you could make more profit from each sale? Our natively integrating add-ons like Unified Communications or mobility are the frosting on your proverbial cake.

Our partners sell not only products, but bundles and complete solutions that are worth more both up-front and on a month-to-month basis. We merge multiple technologies like Unified Communications, Integration, the Cloud, and more into one stable, marketable product. Learn more in our blog post 3 Steps to Telecom Success: How to Increase Profit.

We support recurring, sustainable revenue with subscription-based services

Closing a big sale and cashing the check is exhilarating, but the real excitement is in the security of a recurring revenue model. If your customers buy into subscription-based services they are committing to a monthly payment for the foreseeable future.

Don’t settle for the temporary high of a one-time sale; gain the peace-of-mind that comes from long-term customers. Our hosted solutions support subscription-based sales to help you future-proof your business and increase your customer stickiness.

“Wouldn’t it be much better to build your own brand, deliver advanced Voice and Unified Communications services to your customers with your own brand, promote your own brand, not that of the manufacturer? This is what builds loyalty and value in your business.”


– Stephen Corrigan, former 3CX VP of Sales –
We give you peace-of-mind with an experienced team that supports YOU

Our offer is backed by an experienced team of account managers, technical support engineers, telecom experts, and marketing professionals. If you partner with us, they will back you too. From a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific needs, to engineers that achieve functionality on your behalf, to free marketing materials for your own customers, we are invested in the success of our partners.

Bicom Systems goes above and beyond the features and capabilities you would expect by giving you an experienced Account Manager that is prepared to walk you through the transition and even beyond. Your success is our success. Read our customer reviews.

We future-proof your business with an innovative team and solution

By keeping a pulse on past, current, and future telecom trends, we can help your company stay ahead of the competition. With 15 years in the industry and partners across the globe, our team is experienced in research and innovation. We update our products regularly to reflect the latest technologies and market demands.

7 Benefits of Hosted
Transitioning to a hosted model enables you to sell more, earn more, and enter the future with peace-of-mind.
We help take your company into the future with Cloud technology

There is no longer any doubt that the future is in hosted solutions. With the industry increasingly making the switch to the Cloud, this is the key to sell more, earn more, and above all, future-proof your business. Learn more in our book: 7 Reasons You & Your Customers Should Switch to Hosted.

Bicom Systems PBXware is available as a hosted or rented solution, as well as on-site. We understand that each situation is unique and want to see our partners grow and thrive. 

We reduce your customer churn by giving customers everything they want

Increase your customer stickiness by stimulating a long-term commitment with our all-in-one solutions and regular upgrades based on the newest technologies. If you give your customers everything they need, they will not look elsewhere.

Your existing customers are likely itching to get their hands on the latest and greatest features like UCaaS or mobility. Your future customers will simply expect it. Meet the demand and keep your customers happy for years to come. Learn more in our video on 5 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty.

“My dealings with Bicom Systems and moving over a multi-site existing phone network within a very short period of time were made seamless with the professional support from the Bicom Systems support team.”


– John Tinning, former 3CX dealer –
We promise a quick, easy, and risk-free transition

Our transition team will work quickly to get you fully on-board with Bicom before losing your status with any previous vendors. We can support your existing hosted or premise deployment, no strings attached. Our focus is on migrating your existing solution as quickly and painlessly as possible, with little to no disruption to your customers. Our hosted solutions and on-site solutions can be molded to fit your current business model.

Download our one-page PDF with 5 Reasons Switching to Bicom is So Fast

We have a plan for your growth

Once you have successfully migrated to Bicom Systems, we can support your gradual adoption of additional technologies. There is no need to rush, we will take it step-by-step. Popular add-ons like Unified Communications as a Service will enable your business to increase customer satisfaction, enter the newer telecom markets, and grow freely.

About much more than just business growth, our focus on scalability means that we meet you where you are. Our partners are able to start as small or large as necessary and grow their solution as they go. With unlimited tenants and extensions, scaling up or down is done with the click of a button.

“[PBXware] has the right amount of emphasis on stability of the whole solution, especially with hosted.”


– Bryan Arnold, former 3CX dealer –
We have all of the pieces of the puzzle

Boost your sales, growth, and product value by subscribing to one solution with all of the interlocking pieces. You can package and resell a product with not only telephony, but also security, mobility, Unified Communications, and more. Your existing foundation can take you into new markets with added services and features.

Just as you wish to deliver a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to your customers, we wish to do the same for our partners. Learn more about our communications suite on our products page.

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