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Solutions for Toshiba Telecom Dealers

Welcome to all Toshiba Telecom Dealers seeking a new partner. We are here to help. If you have not yet received an invitation letter from our Sales Director, Stephen Wingfield – download your copy here.

A Real Answer to Your Dilemma (On-Site Solutions)

We can support your existing premise deployment, no strings attached. Transitioning to a new partner is enough change for today. Our focus is on migrating your premise solution as quickly and painlessly as possible, with little to no disruption to your customers. Our on-site solutions, including PBX platforms, Call Center software, and IP Key Systems, can be molded to fit your current business model.

Mapping Out The Future (Hosted Solutions)

Once you have successfully migrated to Bicom Systems, we can support your gradual transition to the cloud. There is no need to rush into it, let’s take it step-by-step. Hosted technology will enable your business to increase customer satisfaction, enter the newer telecom markets, and grow. Failure to join the cloud movement was part of what led to the closure of Toshiba. Our hosted solutions include IP-PBX and Multi-Tenant platforms.

Your Success is Our Success (Your New Team)

Our offer is backed by an experienced team of technical support engineers, telecommunications experts, and marketing professionals. If you partner with us, they will back you too. From a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific needs, to engineers that achieve functionality on your behalf, to free marketing materials for your own customers, we are invested in the success of our partners.

15 Years of Experience (Our Promise to You)

With partners of all sizes, from different industries, and spread geographically across the world, our experience is one of our most important promises to you. By keeping a pulse on past, current, and future telecom trends, we can help your company stay ahead of the competition. Some of our partners include IDEACOM, NEC, and Iridium Satellite Services.

All the Pieces of the Puzzle (Our Products)

Boost your sales, growth, and product value by subscribing to one solution with all of the interlocking pieces. You can package and resell a product with not only telephony, but also billing, security, mobility, Unified Communications, and more. Your existing foundation can take you into new markets with added services and features.

Contact us today:

1-954-278-8470 (U.S.)
1-647-313-1515 (Canada)

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