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AQMON allows call center agents and supervisors to monitor queues and agents' status in real-time. Agents can view real-time queue statistics on a large LCD screen. Supervisors, on the other hand, can monitor the comprehensive and detailed real-time statistics on agents.

Supervisors can view all agent activity and hang-up and transfer calls as well as monitor queues, the number of calls waiting, agent status, etc.

An entire organization can use the included wall board facility which displays major real-time call statistics on a large LCD screen.

AQMON also offers real-time graphs which show the above information graphically. Messages can be shared between agents and supervisors. Agents can send assistance requests from agentCOM which is another application used by agents.

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General Features

• Full Screen View
• Monitor Slide Show
• Call Details
• Queue Staus
• Agent Status

Real Time Wallboard

• Calls Statistics
• Agents Status
• Average Waiting Time
• Percentage of Answered/Unanswered Calls
• Service Level

Real Time Agents Status

• Agent State
• Unique Caller ID
• Call Info, Type & Direction
• Login Time & Type
• Assistance Request

Queues Real Time Details

• Calls Details
• Members Status
• Average Wating Time
• Service Level

Real Time Graphs

• Received Calls
• Average Wait Time
• Answered/Unanswered Calls
• Current or Specified Time

Agent Real Time Stats

• Agent Details
• Number of Calls
• Average Talk/Idle Time
• Total Logged in Time
• Total Not Ready Time

Real Time Inbound & Outbound Calls
• Caller ID
• Trunk name
• Location
• Location Number
• Duration in current Location
• Total Call Duration
• Call From
• Call To
• Call Duration 
Real Time Messages

• Message From/To
• Date/Time
• Message Body

Assistance Requests in Real Time
• Agent Details
• Date/Time
• Agent Notes
• Request Status
• Request Completed by
Authorization Tool

• Easy Queues & Agents Permission Management for Supervisor Edition



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SIP Monitoring
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