The only Virtualization Platform tailored to Hosting Telephony & Unified Communications in the Cloud  

Cloud Virtualization Platform For Communication Technology Solutions

SERVERware is the only Virtualization Platform tailored to Hosting Telephony & Unified Communications in the Cloud. SERVERware delivers a wide range of IP services and applications with high availability, stability, and reliability for a maximum up-time. SERVERware Serves many different types of clients with different PBXware editions at the same time plus sipPROT, all through one interface. The new GUI has made management of hosts, VPSs, and resources easier than ever. SERVERware has been completely revamped with a new underlying virtualization technology, has 64bit and 32bit backward compatibility with older versions of PBXware. SERVERware has shared, fault-tolerant, highly available, and redundant network storage, high data integrity protection and a built-in backup system.

Bicom Systems’ SERVERware Virtualization Platform is available in the Standalone, Mirror, and Cluster Editions, offering fault tolerance, high availability, and processing and storage scalability.

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The geo-redundancy feature synchronizes data between different geographical locations and allows you to keep all data up-to-date. This feature enables companies to take over services on a remote site with minimal data shift, depending on how frequently data replication occurs between sites. For example, Geo-Redundancy can be scheduled to synchronize changes every 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.

Geo-redundancy offers more flexibility in infrastructure requirements and lowers the cost for the customer while still providing a computer platform tool to achieve a high level of availability. In addition, SERVERware provides a comprehensive graphical user interface that enables operations to be performed in just a few clicks. Geo-redundancy is available in the Standalone, Mirror, and Cluster Editions.

VPS Management

Easily deploy Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) with the allocated resource pool (processing, memory, storage, and broadband). SERVERware Virtualization Platform will automatically create a highly available setup for you (a duplicate instance of VPS) by simply selecting the option during the configuration. The entire process is completed in just a few simple clicks. The VPS commands that are available with the click of a mouse are: Start, Stop, Restart, Clone, Move, and Restore. These functions allow system administrators to manage more from the GUI and less from the CLI.


With SERVERware, system administrators can manage users, domains, IP pools, service pools, and sipPROT, all from one interface with the added benefit of using domains to enable easier resource management and isolation. A domain can represent a company, department, or an individual, each having its own resources and its own Domain Members. Domain Members are divided into Domain Administrator, VPS Administrator, and VPS Owners, each assigned different permission levels allowing resource management and monitoring.

SERVERware Virtualization Platform allows you to allocate and extend the IP pool in a LAN subnet and then split IP pool per domain. You can also define service pools and then assign processing hosts to these pools.

gloCOM Supervisor - Call Center Unified Communications - Wallboard, Control Load


Monitor your system resources and status of all Hosts and VPSs by using the SERVERware Dashboard. All relevant system information (CPU, Memory & Storage) is contained within a single screen and delivered comprehensively in real time. Recently triggered alarms are displayed on the dashboard allowing everything to be in one centralized screen.
SERVERware Virtualization Platform - Cloud Storage Stability, OpenZFS


SERVERware Virtualization Platform is using OpenZFS for storage, a proven next-generation file system technology. OpenZFS is perfectly suited for SERVERware needs… It allows you to expand storage by adding more drives into the storage pool, create maintenance schedules, monitor storage health etc. Full details on OpenZFS can be found here
SERVERware Virtualization Platform - Domain Management, containers with resource pools


SERVERware allows administrators to create Domains and assign them to a company department or third party. Domains are basically containers with assigned resource pools, allowing a Domain Administrator to deploy and manage VPS. This allows System Administrators to allocate each domain their resources (RAM & Storage).
Monitoring, Design & Functionality

You can now monitor network resources, hosts, and servers with ease. SERVERware system monitoring module actively searches for errors and reports them back to the administrator via notifications and alarms, while SERVERware statistics module collects data about system usage and displays them inside a graphic user interface. The new and improved GUI allows a user to quickly clone, create and move VPSs, thereby simplifying the installation and setup process.


SERVERware’s built-in backup functionality provides an easy way to additionally protect hosted services, allowing you to schedule a full/incremental backup at a desired time with the possibility to select target destination. Backups can be configured for ALL VPSs in the Virtualization Platform or per domain.

PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX - Secure Voice, TLS, SRTP, Let's Encrypt SSL certificates


Passwordless and secure access to certified Bicom Systems support. There is no need to exchange passwords via mail, chat and other less secure communication channels. The feature comes with GUI for opening/closing SSH access and monitoring established SSH connections. Access is under full control of the client.
PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX - Statistics for Time management and Productivity


The SERVERware statistics module collects data in regards to the resource usage per Host and VPS. Data on a wide range of metrics is collected frequently. The gathered data is processed and archived in the database to be displayed on the Serverware GUI. The performance charts graphically display CPU, memory, network, concurrent calls metrics, Hosts and VPSs that are managed by SERVERware Virtualization Platform.
SERVERware Virtualization Platform - Status Alarms and Notifications


Knowing when something is about to go wrong is the best tool for network admins. SERVERware monitors the status of main system components (both virtual and physical) resources. If system resources reach the threshold or should Hosts/VPS go down SERVERware will failover and send a notification to the administrator in real time, indicating the issue.

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SERVERware Standalone

Start your Telco with a single industrial grade server and SERVERware Standalone edition.

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SERVERware Mirror

Start your Telco the right way with added stability and redundancy on two industrial-grade servers and SERVERware Mirror edition.

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SERVERware Cluster

Easily expand your startup or switch an already established Telco business to the most flexible Telephony Serving platform on the market.

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