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and keep the time loss as low as possible. Experience efficiency at its best with gloCOM GO Unified Communications app and PBXware Phone system. Plan phone calls, control your time and define availability using the gloCOM GO Presence panel functionality integrated with PBXware.

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Available on Desktop & Mobile

gloCOM is a Desktop & Mobile Unified Communications application designed to provide business users with a set of features and benefits capable of transforming a companies communications system into a real powerhouse. It is available on Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Ubuntu Linux as a desktop application, and on Google Android and Apple iOS as a mobile application.

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Move your business forward

Exploit benefits of the PBXware system and stay connected even when out of the office, using WiFi or 3G network. gloCOM GO is available on all iOS and Android smartphone devices.

Great Product Experience

gloCOM GO is not designed to limit you, but to deliver a smoother conversation. You can rearrange pinned conversations according to your needs by using drag and drop to prioritize pinned conversations. You can mark any conversation as Read/Unread for your own convenience. If you’ve sent a message or a file to the wrong chat, you have the option to delete that message.

gloCOM GO - Mobile Unified Communications platforms - iOS and Android

Multi-Platform App

Use gloCOM GO with your PBXware on almost any smartphone on the market!
PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX - Least Cost Routing LCR, select your ITSP provider

BYOD Friendly

Design of the application enables an easy switch to the Bring Your Own Device operations.

Unlimited Comms

In and out of office. Bring your PBXware functionality on a smartphone wherever you go.
PBXware - PBX - Unified Communications

Unified Connections

Allow you to access all your connections, including the ones on PBXware from any device.
gloCOM - Unified Communications - Online Presence

Online Presence

Change your availability at any time and be aware of other users’ presence on the system.

Standardized Setup

Reduces the time and knowledge required to complete the setup – from download to a call in less than a minute.

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Presence and Chat

Presence is now synced between all of users’ devices. Users can update their presence in the app’s Profile section by selecting their current status. Users can start one-to-one or group chats. Chat is fully synced between all users’ devices (Desktop & Mobile). Users can rename, add participants or start conference calls from existing group chats. Chat messages can be copied by long pressing on the message bubble.

SMS & MMS Features

You can send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your gloCOM GO application. This ensures that all the conversations and multimedia, such as videos, pictures, audio clips, GIFs are available on one application. Both SMS and MMS notifications act the same as the chat notifications – when a message is received, a notification pops up.

File Sharing

Users can send images, videos, documents or any kind of files that don’t exceed the file limit set in PBXware. It is possible to cancel file transfers and restart them after some time. Image and video files are being compressed to reduce the network traffic if they are picked from the gallery picker.

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gloCOM GO allows you to join existing static and dynamic conferences on the system, check conference participants and invite new users to the conference. Depending on assigned conference privileges, users can also mute and kick conference members.

Call Recording

This feature enables you to start a call recording at any moment during the call. Once the call recording is started for the call, the indicator on the ongoing call screen is visible, showing that the recording is active.

Visual Voicemail

gloCOM GO allows you to easily manage your voicemail messages from a mobile phone.

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Tested and proven technologies

Tested and proven technologies

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We do not keep you waiting

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We are here to help

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Solutions tailored for your business

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