Beta Testing Program

We Release Together

We never want you to miss another update

Would you like to be part of our Beta Testing Program?

As a software company, in Bicom Systems, we have different phases and stages all of our products go through before being released. 

We deploy to all of our company locations and specific customers willing to try the version during our Beta Phase, fully aware that some bugs may show. They are asked to report back to us with their findings for our team to make proper adjustments.

Put it to the test!

We greatly appreciate you joining our efforts to improve our products. As one of our Beta Testers, you will see new products, features, and of course, bugs to be fixed before the rest of the world! 

We try to get all the bugs out of our updates before we roll out a beta version, but we’re not perfect. That’s where you come in!

How to apply
  1. Get in touch with our Business Success Team and tell them about your interest in becoming part of our program: or contact your Account Manager.
  2. Tell them what products you are most interested in testing.

There isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be selected for the most immediate release to come. However, you will be on the list to be selected in the future.

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