SERVERware Standalone

SERVERware Standalone Edition

allows users to install SERVERware on a single server. Given that VPS processing power and data storage are served by only one server, this edition, unlike Mirror and Cluster Editions, does not provide high availability of hosted services. SERVERware Standalone edition is suitable for startup Telco companies and businesses which want to host their own telephony solution in-house.

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SERVERware Mirror edition - Virtualization Platform - Create Domains with allocated resources & VPS management rights
Create Domains with allocated resources & VPS management rights

Allocate resource pools (Processing power, Memory, Storage & Bandwidth) to a company department or a 3rd party using SERVERware Domains. Assigned users will be granted rights to create and manage VPSs inside the Domain using allocated resources.

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SERVERware Standalone edition - Virtualization Platform - Peace of Mind


PBXware Multi-Tenant Edition is vigorously tested by the Bicom Systems Engineers before each new release, giving you the peace of mind that it is a stable rock solid platform that you and your customers can depend on.

gloCOM - Unified Communications - Simplified setup


Managing customers through one interface (and one IP) via a drop-down menu. No need to have and manage a Virtual Server or Machine for each customer.

SERVERware Standalone edition - Virtualization Platform - Ability to Plan


Plan expansions and future activities on the system with historic usage patterns generated by the system statistics.

SERVERware Standalone edition - Virtualization Platform - Security


With the call rating module, each call has a cost associated to it. With the daily limits activated there are 2 levels of fraud security: Soft limit and Hard limit.

SERVERware Standalone edition - Virtualization Platform - Rapid Scalability


Scaling the system and distributing resources is simplified to the maximum. You will not be caught out by growth.

SERVERware Virtualization Platform - User Management, System Administrators and Domain Members


PBXware Multi-Tenant edition allows you to get your staff members or even customers themselves to manage their own tenant or a group of tenants, delegating the work and reducing the workload.

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