SERVERware Cluster

SERVERware Cluster Edition

brings even more scalability options to your Cloud Hosting platform. It expands on the capabilities and features of Standalone and Mirror Editions by introducing Fault Tolerance and allowing the addition of more Processing Host units to SERVERware.

Processing Hosts are physical servers connected to SERVERware allowing a streamlined resource capacity expansion. Each additional host brings more processing power and memory to the Cloud Hosting platform in accordance with its hardware specifications.

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SERVERware Cluster edition - Virtualization Platform - Offer redundant, scalable & flexible services
Offer redundant, scalable & flexible services

With Processing Hosts providing resources and SERVERware Host providing the centralized storage you get a very high availability and fault-tolerance. If any of the hosts fail SERVERware will react and restart all services on another available host almost instantaneously. Your services continue to operate without users ever noticing that something happened.

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Reduce costs with efficient management

SERVERware GUI enables effortless management of all Hosts, Domains, and VPSs on the system. Ability to easily move VPSs throughout the hosts enables an extremely efficient load and resource distribution. Utilise your equipment to the maximum and avoid blind and unneeded equipment investments.

SERVERware Cluster edition - Virtualization Platform - Reduce cost with efficient VPS management
SERVERware Cluster edition - Virtualization Platform - Easy Management of Physical Resources & System Performance
Easy Management of Physical Resources & System Performance

SERVERware GUI provides a full control and easy management of physical resources, HOSTS creation and a detailed health and performance state which will secure quality performance and satisfactory clients.

SERVERware Standalone edition - Virtualization Platform - Peace of Mind


With the native built-in monitoring, SERVERware Administrators should have a prior warning before something goes wrong allowing them to be proactive instead of reactive. This will allow you to sleep better at night knowing your systems are monitored.

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Manage Costs


With SERVERware you do not need a highly paid dedicated staff member to constantly supervise system performance and resource availability. Should server resources surpass the set threshold or any issue with the system arise, the administrator will be notified in real-time and the system will highlight the possible issue.

gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Control Your Time


Plan expansions and future activities on the system with historic usage patterns generated by SERVERware. This avoids being caught unprepared with enough hardware resources in production as sales take off.

SERVERware Cluster edition - Virtualization Platform - Ease of Use


Deployments of VPSs, management and distribution of server resources and monitoring of the overall system status is implemented through a comprehensive and user friendly GUI. This lessens the need for highly skilled Linux technical resources to be deployed and frees time for other items.

SERVERware Cluster edition - Virtualization Platform - Rapid Scalability


Scaling up the system to distribute new resources is performed through GUI and simplified to the maximum. Growth can be done painlessly with SERVERware.

SERVERware Virtualization Platform - User Management, System Administrators and Domain Members


SERVERware allows you to assign your staff members or even customers themselves to manage their own Domains and VPSs, delegating the work and reducing the workload. Yet further saving costs.

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