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Project / Tender Consultation

BICOM SYSTEMS has won several high profile tenders over the years. In the process, we have built both experience and collateral in achieving this. Partners often provide RFQs and RFPs that we assist in. Sometimes this is through simple advice, other times a standard quote. We can, however, go much further if needed. We will write the bidding document reply if preferred. We have even fronted bids where appropriate and have partners who are large enough to front a bid of any size in just about any country.

Consultation Service - Project and Tender consultation
Consultation Service - Skills to Win

Skills to Win

Typically for the delivery of large bids, a certain amount of Training and Project Management is required. These skills can be brought to bear by our teams. One good example is the deployment we undertook for in Rome, Cairo, Tel Aviv and the Sinai Desert to bring together 5000 users behind the wire. As well as planning and coordinating the core we worked with partners from some other countries involved to ensure the deployment.

With Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s third largest Mobile Provider required a Unique Solution for Prison Services. Although Prisoner Calling is nothing new, the final solution had to take into account a low level of literacy and the prisons’ own good-behavior credits scheme. The bid was won by guaranteeing the necessary custom work.

Other works include Hospitals, Cities, Police Stations, Ports, Airports … Please feel free to consult with an Account Manager about your next prospect.

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Tested and proven technologies

Tested and proven technologies

With more than 15 years of experience in cloud phone systems, call centers, and unified communications, we have the best tools in the trade to help you start and/or improve your business.
We do not keep you waiting

We do not keep you waiting

Your account manager is your single point of contact that is always available to you when you need immediate attention, even when out of the office.
We are here to help

We are here to help

Our technical support team is always available to you via the support ticketing system, and via live chat Monday-Friday from 1AM - 6PM EST.
Solutions tailored for your business

Solutions tailored for your business

Per your request, we develop custom features which suit your unique business needs.

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