gloCOM Call Center Agent

Call Center Agent Edition

of gloCOM is a desktop Call Center Unified Communications application dedicated to boosting Call Center Agents’ day-to-day efficiency. Together with Office, Business and Call Center Supervisor editions it provides advanced Unified Communications capabilities with all the communication tools needed to drastically increase the productivity of your Call Center or Contact Center.

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Call Center Unified Communications

This edition of gloCOM provides an agent-optimized interface with features that will make their day a lot easier and more productive. See the status of other agents (phone and presence), send them messages or call them. See the status of queues, calls waiting, agents busy, agents idle etc…

gloCOM - Call Center Unified Communications - Call Center Agent
Callback and dynamic agent

The dynamic login option allows an agent to log remotely into the queue and wait for the next call while listening to Music on Hold. Callback login is the traditional call center configuration where an agent will answer a ringing phone to be joined with the waiting caller.

gloCOM - Call Center Unified Communications - Callback and Dynamic Agent
gloCOM - Business Unified Communications - Manage Costs

Control cost

Reduce your Call Center operations costs by 33% with gloCOM. was able to reduce the number of agents by a third and maintain the same output. Let gloCOM work its magic for you too.
gloCOM Agent - Call Center Unified Communications - Maximize Profit

Maximize profit

Having an efficient agent who has all the tools at their disposal to better serve the caller will reduce the need for the caller to call back a 2nd time and drive labor costs up.
gloCOM Agent - Call Center Unified Communications - Minimize Agent Idle Time

Minimize idle states

With the agent panel, the agent can see if they are needed in another queue or if it’s a good time to take their break based on call volumes.
gloCOM Agent - Call Center Unified Communications - Manage Connections

Manage connections

Through the gloCOM interface, make calls with a single click, monitor other agents’ status and much more to manage your connections.
gloCOM Agent - Call Center Unified Communications - Improve Productivity

Improve productivity

With so many details in the right place, gloCOM will have an instant lift to staff’s day. Start getting the benefits of its features implemented in the most comprehensive way.
gloCOM Agent - Call Center Unified Communications - Organize Data

Organize data

Having everything in the right place will allow an agent to do their job without the need to open multiple tabs in their browsers, the CRM add-on will open the relevant tabs from their CRM system for them.
Agent status and efficiency

Agent status allows Agents to know who is available and if a call can be placed. Decisions can be taken easily such as whether to forward a call or suggest a callback using dispositions.

CRM integration
gloCOM integrates with Salesforce, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Bullhorn, vTiger using their REST or SOAP API. Proprietary CRMs can be integrated with gloCOM as well using our CRM SDK. This feature provides access to CRM contacts and leads, Caller ID detection, support for uploading Call logs and Recordings and more.
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gloCOM 5.1.1

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