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Multi-Tenant PBX
The Multi-Tenant PBX Edition of PBXware gives Telecom Service Providers a powerful platform to serve the IP PBX market in the cloud as a voip switch. Unlimited Hosted IP PBX Multi-Tenants, Unlimited resellers, user/company self portal, and LCR are just some of the advanced features included with desktop applications to support. The system may be used as a Class 4 or Class 5 softswitch / voipswitch with multi-tenancy architecture.

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I am a VoIP Entrepreneur and I need to keep my CAPEX low but I still want the best ?
Cloud Hosted IP PBX
Provides existing ITSPs and Telecom companies and those just starting the business with the facilities to start providing hosted PBX so they can create unlimited Resellers, Extensions and Tenants.
Why have more and more customers migrated to PBXware ?
 multi-tenant pbx    
Role Based Management
  multi-tenant pbx
I need to own my platform rather than it own me and Start Selling ?
multi-tenant pbx  
Real Time
Telephony Billing
• CDRs
• Real Time Telephony Billing
Stuck with a Multi-tenancy PBX too Complicated to Manage ?
Comprehensive User Features
• Group Hunt
• Call Forwarding
• Call Park
• Instant Recording
• Call Pickup
• Call Filters & Blocking
• Speakerphone Page
• Directory / BLF List
• Personal IVR
• Listen to Recordings
• Call Monitoring
• Phone Callback (optional)
• Monitoring Conferences
• Overhead Paging
• Paging/Intercom 
• Remote Access
Need to automate customer provisioning on your Multi-Tenant PBX ?
High Performance
Cluster Ready
• Optional realtime cluster
• Optional SIP proxy
• Optional Network Database/File System
Is that true ? Even the Traditional Vendors are using PBXware ?
System Availability
I had heard that PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX is the best, but why ?
multi-tenant pbx  
API allows third parties to create software to interact with PBXware in order to manage Extensions, Trunks, DIDs, IVRs, CDRs, Routes and Tenants using HTTP protocol.
Why should I change from my current Multi-Tenant to PBXware MT?
PBXware Desktop Applications
In order to further enhance PBXware experience and functionality we have specially developed a number of feature rich and very useful PBXware desktop applications.
  voip pbx
Looking to Start a Phone Company?

voip software

The outCALL application is designed for integration with MS Outlook, providing users with: Outlook contacts integration, incoming calls pop-up window notification, click to dial from email/contact. More info...   Presence Panel

voip systems
Presence Panel is a desktop application designed to allow PBXware users to monitor the real time calling state of other PBXware users/extensions on PBXware and to make calls with a single click of the mouse. More info...
Fax Agent


Fax Agent is a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac application that gives its users a simple "click to print" ability to send and receive faxes straight from any desktop application supporting regular print function. More info...   gloCOM


gloCOM is a unified communications desktop application that offers businesses softphone, presence panel, instant messaging, faxing, conferencing, and agent call center facilities all in one desktop instance. More info...
Do you use Open Source products such as Asterisk ?


ip pbx

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Featured Customer: S-NET Telecom

multi-tenant pbx

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Multi-Tenant Comparison Table


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Considerations when starting an ITSP

Are you starting or expanding an Internet Telephony Service Provider?

Download our whitepaper (PDF) that will take you through all the main issues and steps involved.

We draw from years of real-life experience across the industry and across the world. The issues involved with and process of setting up and running ITSPs outlined here if dealt with, will help you to become successful.


Please note: In order access page with whitepaper download link you must have a registered account.

For more information or to start a conversation, visit our Multi-Tenant Blog.

What kind of business do you run or want to run? We have packages for everyone from Incumbent Service Providers to CLECs, from ISPs to VARs and phone system dealers, and from VoIP entrepreneurs to everyone else that's like a telephony provider.

Want to compare our Multi-Tenant PBX to other platforms? See our Multi-Tenant Comparison Table.

See our Multi-Tenant Crib Sheet or an example of custom work on Multi-Tenant PBX.


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