Bicom Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with VOIP INNOVATIONS

PITTSBURGH (7 August 2013) – Bicom Systems is pleased to announce its partnership with VoIP Innovations in order to combine our expertise and better serve the market with a synergy of telecommunication services.

VoIP Innovations, a Wholesale VoIP Provider based in Pittsburgh, “aggregates services from the nation’s largest telecom providers to give our customers the low Wholesale VoIP rates and network footprint needed to be competitive.” With more than 20 years of experience, VoIP Innovations is a leader in the market and serves customers around the world.

Combine that with the world’s first and most mature Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform from Bicom Systems and we have a recipe for success. Bicom Systems brings PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX to the table, a powerful VoIP Platform that can be used as a softswitch.

As with any type of relationship, business relationships are based on a balance between two parts. Fortunately, VoIP Innovations and Bicom Systems VoIPSwitch complement each other seamlessly and benefit from a mutual respect of each other’s expertise. Both parties acknowledge the value and indispensability of the other. Together, we can do so much better than separately.

This compatibility is reflected in the ease of configuration of VoIP Innovations in the Bicom Systems switch. In this case, the configuration was straightforward and quick. For further information on the configuration process, visit the VoIP Innovations Wiki.

We are very excited about this partnership and what it means to customers and end users. If you’re interested in learning more about this partnership or our products, please contact us at

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