Bicom Systems Releases Multi-tenant Platform for ISPs and Telco

San Diego, CA (Sept 22, 2008) – Bicom Systems have announced that as of today PBXware 2.1 Multi-Tenant edition is now fully supported and available for the US and Canadian markets. Bicom Systems, the pioneer of Turnkey Professional Open Standards Telephony, now provides a solution for ISPs and Telco’s to migrate easily their customers to the simplest feature rich IPPBX and VoIP services platform available today.

“This is the ANSWER to so many questions asked by today’s ISPs and CLECs. The product responds to Service Providers challenges, offering unparalleled flexibility and value add.” said Saulio Reyes, Business Development Manager at Bicom Systems.

Multi Tenant edition of PBXware integrates a single very Advanced yet simple solution for service provides looking to offer or migrate to Hosted IPPBX, Residential Lines, Resellers Partitions, Prepaid Long Distance, ANI Recognition, Call Back and EFAX. offering unlimited number of tenants allowing service providers to serve IP-PBX market with fully featured hosted IP-PBX solution. Unlimited resellers, user/company self portal, LCR are just some of advanced features included.

Some of the standard features included are:

• Unlimited Tenants, Unlimited Extensions
• One Interface
• Single IP address required
• Single Server Setup with Optional Redundancy or Cluster
• Co-Branding
• Multi-Language
• Admin Interface
• Customer’s end users self-care interface
• Individual: Extension Numbers and Digits, Call Groups, Dial Plans Etc.
• Management of each individual Tenant Package, DIDs, Trunks, CDRs
• Cool Feautres such as integration of cellphones as extensions
• API for Easy Integrations

This MT edition from Bicom Systems includes the richness of features that comes from over 4 years experience developing PBXware across 1500+ deployments worldwide including Governments, Enterprises and SMBs.

Product details at:
Online demo: email: password: mtdemo

About PBXware:
PBXware is the First and most mature Turnkey Open Standards Telephony Platform. Since 2003 PBXware has deployed flexible, reliable and scalable New Generation Communication Systems Worldwide by unifying the most Advanced of Latest Technologies.
For full details on Bicom Systems products please visit

About Bicom Systems
Since 2003 the Bicom Systems Group has been finding and integrating innovative Open Source Telephony Projects to commercialize by unifying with its suite of Management Softwares. In September 2004 Bicom Systems launched its PBXware software and became the first company to deliver a solution using an Open Source Communications software as Professional Turnkey Product.
The concept of “Professional Open Source Telephony” was born.
By unifying the best of open source telephony and its own proprietary software Bicom Systems can provide enterprises with turnkey solutions that take account of the clients’ exact needs within a very cost-effective framework. This gives CIOs the safest choice they know is warranted and supported. This mix takes the best of royalty-free softwares, vibrant open source communities, available custom development backed up by accountable, professional support services brought together with commercially coded Management Tools.

For more information or a walk-through-talk-through please contact:
Saulio Reyes
+1 (619) 760-7777 Ex 8001
+44 (0)20 7043 3480 Ex 8001

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