gloCOM Brands

Custom softphone solution

Good branding sets you apart from the competition, improves a company’s value, promotes recognition, and makes finding new customers easier. When choosing the right type of branding for your organization, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we have designed three different branding options for gloCOM.

gloCOM - Unified Communications OEM and White Label

Bicom Systems branded option includes the company’s logo in the top right corner of the application, a homepage link that opens the Bicom Systems homepage, a help-page link that opens the Bicom Systems help-page, and it also includes the gloCOM application name and icon.


A non-branded option that removes all mentions of Bicom Systems. Communicator comes without the Bicom Systems logo, homepage, and help-page link, and it changes the application name and icon to Communicator. In addition to removing all of the Bicom Systems brandings from the application, users have the ability to set the homepage, the help page links, and add their own company logo via Bicom Release Manager.


Branded according to customers’ specifications. This branding option removes all mentions of Bicom Systems and allows the customer to add their brand name, logo, set the homepage and the help page link, change the application name and icon.

Choose your branding
  • Remove Bicom branding
  • Use your logo
  • Company name
  • Link to your help page
  • Link to your web page
  • Change application name
  • Change application icon

* This feature is only available via Bicom Release Manager.

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