NetRescue Partners with Bicom Systems – Gaining the Alliance it Needs to Grow

October 30th 2018


NetRescue Partners with Bicom Systems – Gaining the Alliance it Needs to Grow
Another Customer Rescued from Insufficient Support


Atlanta, Georgia (30 October 2018): Bicom Systems is excited to announce their new partnership with Arif Hamirani, founder of NetRescue. NetRescue is an IT company that initially partnered with 3CX back in the 2000s. However, issues quickly arose and he began looking for a partner that would support the growth of his business. That is how this partnership began.

NetRescue provides a variety of services from networking to camera systems and, for the past 10 years, has offered Telephony System Installations. Arif’s first encounter with the Bicom Systems team was at a trade show in Atlanta where he was desperately seeking a new hosted vendor. Working with 3CX caused growth to stall and Arif recalls feeling that he had only two choices – in his words “follow the trend into the Cloud or continue losing customers and projects.”

In his efforts to “follow the trend into the Cloud”, his current system was not working for him. When Arif reached out for support, his previous vendor denied it.

Arif was under the impression that Bicom Systems was too advanced for his business at that point; however, after speaking with members of the Bicom Systems team he realized it was not a matter of where his company was presently, but what he wanted for the future. Understanding that Bicom Systems offers partnerships to ensure growth for its partner companies enticed the switch that NetRescue needed.

Although it is still early on, Arif has found many benefits since converting to Bicom Systems. Not only did Bicom Systems fit into Arif’s budget, but he also enjoys:

  • How friendly and easy it is to manage the platform
  • Being supported by Bicom’s Reseller Channel, as they only work with “partners” rather than “customers/dealers”
  • Having a real Cloud System that is the only virtualization platform dedicated to communications

In summary, this is another example of how Bicom Systems can help your company grow successfully with an upstanding partnership.

If you are interested in reading more details on Arif’s transitioning experience, read his case study.




About Bicom Systems: Bicom Systems is the only unified communications provider with all of the pieces to start and grow a telephony company. Since 2003, Bicom Systems has deployed flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies. They offer seven highly-featured products integrated seamlessly to boost sales, growth, and profit. For more information, please visit our website or contact us at today.

About NetRescue: For the past decade, NetRescue has been allowing businesses to focus on running their business. NetRescue delivers voice, data, security, network, pos and wireless solutions to their customers in the service and commercial industries. The company provides tools that help grow businesses and provides support from start to finish. NetRescue is in the process of moving their customers over to their new Cloud Platform, hosted by Bicom Systems using PBXware. For more information on NetRescue visit their website here.

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