New Features in gloCOM 5.3 Improve User Experience, Security, and GUI

April 24, 2019

New Features in gloCOM 5.3 Improve User Experience, Security, and GUI
Unified Communications with Real Users in Mind


London, United Kingdom (24 April 2019): Bicom Systems is rolling out new features in the latest version of gloCOM 5.3 which unveils major user experience improvements. Not only will users find the new GUI more appealing and useful, additional features will also simplify day-to-day activities. gloCOM 5.3 provides tools for users and supervisors to build a more robust communications environment. Some of these tools are:

Personal Dialer is a new feature that allows users to upload a CSV file of names and phone numbers to gloCOM. It will then dial the numbers one after another, without the user having to manually input them. After the dialer session is over, users can export the session back into a CSV file and it will provide details about the dialed phone numbers. This is benefiting users by saving them time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

PCI Compliance with support for remote DTMF is an added security feature to protect a caller’s credit card number. If a caller needs to perform a payment over the phone, they can do so by inputting it on their keypad rather than saying it over the phone. This will protect the caller’s credit card information from being written down by the agent. Callers gain a sense of security and agents are protected against credit card fraud allegations.


Other features such as custom parking lots, department filtering and Sennheiser integration are a few of the many elements found in gloCOM 5.3 that enhance the user experience.  

To learn more about gloCOM 5.3, download the official release notes here. If you want to upgrade to the latest version of gloCOM, download it here.  


About Bicom Systems: Bicom Systems is the only unified communications provider with all of the pieces to start and grow a telephony company. Since 2003, Bicom Systems has deployed flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies. They offer seven highly-featured products integrated seamlessly to boost sales, growth, and profit. For more information on Bicom Systems, visit their website or contact them at today.


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