PBXware 4.0 to 4.1 update

Because of a number of changes we are introducing in PBXware 4.1, the update procedure will not be as simple as usual for a minor update and will have to be performed by our technical support team. As this is still nevertheless labeled as a minor update, this procedure will be free of charge for our customers that do not have any custom patches applied on their PBXware.

To schedule your upgrade, please do as follows:

Email to support@bicomsystems.com with your email that is registered with your account

SUBJECT: Upgrade to 4.1


Your PBXware Access Details:

  • IP address/domain name
  • Root and GUI username and password
  • Suggested Time (making clear the Timezone)

Please also confirm that you will make a back up available before the Bicom Systems Engineer does perform the work. “We will do BACKUP”

For the purposes of your schedule, you should consider 1 hour of downtime.

Because of the time it usually takes for full PBXware backup to finish, customers that prefer us to do the backup for them would have to be charged 250 per PBXware system. In case you are not feeling completely comfortable with creating a backup from shell we are able to do it for you. Please reply on this ticket and include your account manager in this e-mail. He or she will process the order.

Until this is done we will not be able to proceed further.

Upon receipt of this ticket Bicom Systems will inspect your environment and reply to confirm the proposed time or suggest other. We will then expect that you will provide the backup two-hours before we perform the upgrade. Should the final confirmation of the back up not be made available on the ticket, we will have to abort the process.

Without a secure backup in place, there is a risk that might lead to irreversible data loss which Bicom Systems cannot be held responsible for.

In order to perform a backup of your PBXware system please follow instructions from the link below:


Customers that are running SERVERware instance can also make a full VPS copy from SERVERware GUI.

NOTE: Customers that are hosted with Bicom Systems are not able to perform a backup on their own so they will not be charged and Bicom Systems will take the charge of this matter.

Check the PBXware 4.1 Release notes for any additional information.

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