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TELCOware is a fully-featured telecom customer portal, designed for integration with one or many PBXware telephony switches. TELCOware has a friendly GUI that enables efficient, automated billing, invoicing and payments, allowing you to spend less time dealing with the administration of your company and more time to SELL! Enjoy Unlimited Account Types, Call Spent and Call Billed View… and much more!

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Key Features

TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Account Details

Account details

The Account Details subsection provides Account information and options to edit an account, create a New Invoice, and instant login to the system as an account user. In account details, you can see precisely listed and enumerated details regarding a user’s account.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Subscriptions


If you are going to sell a product and services with recurrent pricing, you have to create Packages, which will be used for creating subscriptions. Every item added to a package should have a recurrent price. Add-ons to these items may have recurrent and one-time prices.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Credit and Debit History

Credit/debit history

A user account can be given, or be stripped of a certain amount of billing funds. These funds are used for paying purchased products and services. Credit/Debit history shows the history of Credit or Debit for the user.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Invoice and Payments Reports

Report Invoice, Payments and Other

In Report Live section various reports are generated to provide valuable information to management on the financial situation through a specific time period, related to invoice, payments and credit notes. You can follow all billing tasks displayed graphically in real time.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Account Managers Report

Acc. Managers Report

List of reports that are showing sales of all Account Managers for a selected period of time. Reports can be filtered per date, account manager or additionally per currency, and converted to the default currency. You can also select only one currency. This report also allows you to generate invoices and credit notes for a specific month.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies

The system is able to accept unlimited currencies. Also, it enables you to add a currency. However, the system has to have a “base” currency from which other currencies will take its value using the exchange rate field value.

Find your perfect edition

Server Edition

Server Edition of TELCOware is a fully featured telecom billing solution designed for integration with one PBXware telephony switch. Optionally, you are able to import certain data from "legacy" soft switches.

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Network Edition

Network Edition of TELCOware is designed for unlimited integration with PBXware telephony soft switches spread geographically. Optionally, you are able to import certain data from "legacy" soft switches.

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A detailed list of TELCOware’s features comparison

TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Focus on Growth


Leave all billing related tasks to TELCOware and focus on growing your business.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Manage Clients Individually


Each customer has their own account associated with all purchases, payments, tickets and other related info.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Never Forget Invoicing an Item


Manual invoicing will leave room for errors & items left out. Not with TELCOware’s subscription billing system.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Listen to the Market


Easily create promotions and discount offers for your customers. Ready for a big holiday sale?
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Increase Customer Service Quality


TELCOware enables efficient management of customer tickets and tasks distribution to the relevant staff.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Generate Revenue 24 7


TELCOware is working for you even when you are asleep. Constantly available online services and automated processes that allow you to generate revenue 24/7.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Online Shop


TELCOware has integrated Web shopping cart and CMS system for easier and more efficient management of orders.
TELCOware - Telco Provisioning Platform - Flexibility


TELCOware is designed to be tightly integrated with PBXware while still providing support for 3rd party soft switches.

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