With over 15 years experience we have worked with many sectors creating bespoke solutions for the cost of off-the-shelf. Often solving unique problems. Whether Government, Enterprises, Call Centers, Service Providers or SMBs if you have something that needs a listen, some thought and consideration, please reach out.

Call Center Solution

Are you running an existing and established Call Center with many different campaigns, or looking to start one inside your organization?

Call Centers come in different shapes and sizes. Bicom Systems recognizes this. For large professional Call Centers that manage many different campaigns the quality of tools can save considerable resources second by second, day by day. Often, though, the manner and structure of the workflow and staff positioning is what matters most.

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SMBs Solution

It’s possible that because we have been there our heart resides with Small and Medium Businesses. We understand there is no time and it has to work, but the cost must also be kept reasonable. We know that success is possible only if we have the competitive edge over the big guys out there. Small business communications are the best place to start.

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Enterprise Solution

Enterprises have requirements that go beyond those of Smaller and Medium Businesses. These differences can be about features and functions. They may also be about dealing with many locations often in different countries and time zones. Often they are about enterprise communications.

In order to support larger customers, Bicom Systems has its Enterprise Division with dedicated staff including PRINCE2 Project Management Staff. Particularly during a deployment, there may be a need to plan and pretest many thousands of phones in a careful and synchronized rollout where failure could bring down an entire company for days.

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Service Providers Solution

We have worked with Service Providers like Wateen, BT, Astrium, Orange and Telecom Italia, to name a few. Of course, the core business and services are the same for all, however, it would be naive to believe that the circumstances are the same as well. To become a trusted partner at this level demands a different approach.

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Government Solution

The government of any country has enough to worry about without dealing with a communications system. Governments provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable bodies of state, necessitating a simple and easy-to-use solution that works quickly and effortlessly.

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Hosted Solution

Get the computing power you need to get going fast with a hosted communications solution. Scale up and down as your business grows, with just a few minutes notice. We have two points-of-presence (POP) in London and another one in Chicago running the latest Cluster Edition of SERVERware.

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