Aastra Telecom 480i added to Bicom Systems’ Approved Hardware Providers List

Company widens the global reach of support devices

PARIS (January 15, 2005) – Bicom Systems announced today that on January 15, 2005 it has added Aastra Telecom to its Approved Hardware Providers List. The Approved Hardware Providers List is quickly becoming the most comprehensive list of supported devices by any VoIP software. This furthers Bicom Systems’ strategy of ensuring that its software can be deployed anywhere in the world.

“Aastra Telecom has some of the most sophisticated and stylish products on the market and the global distribution network to support them. Given our increasingly international spread of customers it is a very useful addition to our Approved Hardware Provider’s List” said Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems’ President, “Aastra Telecom also has one of the best ranges of hardware devices from IP Phones through to PBXs and Switches. As we continue to test Aastra Telecom’s products we look forward to further additions.”

“We are pleased that Bicom Systems have added Aastra to their approved Hardware Providers list” said Steve Copeland, Vice President of Marketing, Aastra Telecom. “Our 480i VoIP telephone easily integrated with Bicom’s PBXware and SWITCHware making it an ideal endpoint within their overall software solution. Customers using Bicom Systems’ software can now deploy small to large scale system solutions using our 480i telephones assured with the knowledge that Bicom’s autoprovisioning will happen easily and efficiently.”

Bicom Systems Hardware Provider’s List
Bicom Systems now approves the following Hardware devices: Aastra 480i, Cisco 7940, 7960, Firefly, Grandstream BT100, BT101, HT286, HT486, Sipura SPA1000, SPA2000, SPA3000, SNOM 150. Bicom Systems constantly adding to its list of Service Providers whose devices are auto-provisioned for each user this allows service providers, integrators and in turn End-Users the greatest range of choice different VoIP devices from Softphones, ATAs, IP phones and others.

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