Bicom Systems and S-Net Telecom Form Partnership

CHICAGO (28 September 2011) – Bicom Systems announced today a partnership between Bicom Systems and S-Net Telecom to better serve the United States market with the latest Communications Technology via PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX.

The partnership began when S-Net Telecom became fed up with competitors’ platforms and tested the solution offered by Bicom Systems. S-Net has not looked back since and is making great progress using Multi-Tenant PBX to realize their business goals and plans.

S-Net Telecom is using Multi Tenant PBX to push the current market towards a higher and more reliable standard. The partnership of S-Net’s business plan and Bicom Systems’ platform will take the Telecommunications market to a new level of high performance and flexibility.

To learn more about this partnership and hear about an actual example, see the S-Net Case Study part one and part two.

About S-Net Telecom

S-Net Telecom is an Illinois-based company that provides communication services to small and medium-sized businesses, governments, and enterprises using Bicom Systems’ PBXware Multi Tenant PBX. The company provides a full range of communication services, replacing the need for multiple providers and systems. For more information about S-Net Telecom, please visit

About Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems is a provider of PBX and soft switch turn key solutions with a presence in the United States and the European Union and supported by a network of resellers across the world. Its solutions allow easy deployment, maintenance and control of a wide range of telephony solutions. The company leads the industry in simplifying of the use of Asterisk ( , open source PBX) and intends to play a key role in promoting the benefits of Asterisk to users who otherwise may not become involved. For more information about Bicom Systems, please visit

For more information, please contact: Stephen Wingfield 1-212-400-7921 ext 2244555 44-20-7043-3489 or

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