Bicom Systems partners with Yealink to certify UC-dedicated telephones

Yealink telephones will integrate with PBXware 4.1.2 for enhanced collaboration, productivity, and efficiency

HOLLYWOOD, FL – 15 June 2017 – Bicom Systems has partnered with Yealink to incorporate several new UC telephones into the upcoming release of PBXware 4.1.2. Designed with collaboration and productivity at the forefront, Yealink telephones will integrate seamlessly with PBXware, opening the door to more hardware options for users.

“Our high-quality UC terminal solutions enhance the work efficiency and competitive advantages of customers in over 100 countries,” according to Niko Hong at Yealink. Their core goal of “easy collaboration, high productivity” aligns with Bicom’s vision of simplified, yet enhanced communication.

Auto provisioning and certification have been completed on a full range of Yealink phone models, including: T41S, T42S, T48S, T49G, T58V, and W56P. Eldar Avdic, Bicom’s lead engineer, guarantees full interoperability of Yealink telephones with PBXware 4.1.2. “Yealink shares our commitment to the highest standards of quality, making their telephones a great addition to PBXware” he commented.

The partnership between Bicom Systems and Yealink will not end here, however. Bicom Systems has big plans for the coming months and will continue relying on Yealink as a major UC terminal solution provider. Several distributors are already lined up for the upcoming IP Key Systems products.

Stay tuned for Bicom’s upcoming release of PBXware 4.1.2

About Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems is the only Unified Communications provider with all of the pieces to start and grow a telephony company. Established in 2003 with the first ever open-standards, turnkey telephony platform, Bicom Systems synergizes telephony, mobility, security, and billing on rock-solid stability to support partners around the world to grow their businesses. Seven highly-featured products integrate seamlessly to boost sales, growth, and profit, topped off with gloCOM, a desktop and mobile Unified Communications app that enhances and simplifies business communications. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at today.

About Yealink

Yealink (Stock Code: 300628) is a global leading unified communication (UC) terminal solution provider that primarily offers video conferencing systems and voice communication solutions. Founded in 2001, Yealink leverages its independent research and development and innovation to pursue its core mission: “Easy collaboration, high productivity.” The company’s high-quality UC terminal solutions enhance the work efficiency and competitive advantages of its customers in over 100 countries. Yealink is the world’s second-largest SIP phone provider and is number one in the China market. For more information, please visit:

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