Bicom Systems Promotes Keeping Up with the Latest Trends in Latest Whitepaper on the Future of Desk Phones

“Do You Still Need a Desk Phone?” Takes Readers Through the History and Success of the Desk Phone and Presents Modern Alternatives and Complements

Hollywood, FL – June 1, 2017 – In an effort to bring attention to the vitality of keeping up with telephony and technology trends, Bicom Systems published a new whitepaper on the past, present, and future of the desk phone. This could not come at a better time; we are not even halfway through 2017 and have already seen at least two industry giants close-up shop after failing to harness the latest technology.

According to Stephen Wingfield of Bicom Systems: “Industry trends can make or break a telecom in a world where technology advances practically daily.” He goes on to point out that “historically, the physical telephone is the heart and soul of telephony. Our whitepaper takes a look at how that will change – and maybe stay the same – in the future.”

While most professionals have pretty strong feelings on whether they want to keep their desk phone or not, Bicom Systems encourages customer-centric telecoms to keep an open mind. The conclusions of their whitepaper may surprise you. Teasers published by Bicom read: “Here’s a hint: Frost & Sullivan project that IP desk phone sales will continue to increase for the forseeable future, but that more than half of those telephones will be deployed in the cloud by 2021.” If nothing else, this topic deserves some attention and discussion.

“Do You Still Need a Desk Phone?” is also available as a video presentation in partnership with Telecom Reseller. To learn more, watch the video, or download the whitepaper for free, visit

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