Bicom Systems releases OutCALL, an Asterisk open source Outlook integration

LONDON, UK (11th April 2007) – Bicom Systems’ announced today it has released OutCALL, an open source desktop application allowing integration with Microsoft Outlook. OutCALL allows users an easy way for placing and receiving phone calls integrated with users Outlook contacts.

“The open source PBX market needed integration with Microsoft Outlook which works with Asterisk ( After developing and offering OutCALL as a proprietary application, we decided to release OutCALL as an open source application licensed under BSD license in order to further stimulate development and use of Asterisk” said Senad Jordanovic, the systems architect at Bicom Systems Ltd.

“We released OutCALL as open source in the wish that the application would be of good use to everyone and to be enjoyed for free. Some things are not just about money, we are pleased to contribute to the wider community” said Sergej Kasumovic, Chief Developer at Bicom System’ Ltd.

“OutCALL is written in C++. It is a stable and robust application. It took many months of hard work to get it into current state. At the end, I would just say that I will be very happy if OutCALL will make difference to someone.” said Denis Komaradic, OutCALL developer at Bicom Systems Ltd.

“There is ever growing demand to see existing CRM style packages integrated with Telephony Platforms. There are many CRM programs both proprietary and open-source that could benefit from this code. We chose the BSD license as in our opinion it allows for the broadest possible promotion of the software. We look forward to seeing this open up many more possible integrations with other existing software both by in-house and other commercial vendors,” said Stephen Wingfield at Bicom Systems Ltd.

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Outlook is a registered TradeMark of Microsoft Corporation. In no manner should this press release be understood to represent any relationship between Bicom Systems and Microsoft or any endorsement of either company or the products of either company.

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