Bicom Systems to Bring the Value of Voice to ISPs at WWL this August

SEATTLE – JULY 11, 2018


Bicom Systems, the only Unified Communications provider with all the right pieces, announced today that it will be showcasing its Voice Solution for ISPs on the WWL cruise this August.

“My goal on the ship is to show ISPs how they can capitalize on modern trends to grow their businesses. Both the VoIP and UCaaS markets are growing like crazy, this is a great opportunity for ISPs to expand their offerings and enter new markets,” said Eric Johnson of Bicom Systems.

Represented by Johnson, Bicom Systems will host a booth and breakout session at WWL to teach ISPs how to: meet customer demand, add value to their products, and future-proof their business.

Johnson goes on to explain that “the government offers CAF funding for ISPs to work in underserved areas, but one of the requirements is that you offer both Internet and Voice. We can help ISPs add Voice and get access to this funding.”

The WWL cruise is August 10-17, embarking from Seattle, WA and cruising through Alaska and Victoria, BC.

For more information, visit or contact Eric Johnson at 954-278-8050 or

Bicom Systems adds that they will also host booths at WISPAPALOOZA and AstriCon this October.

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