This was our second year present at Wispapalooza trade show as Platinum Sponsors and it’s great to say that we continue to find in the show a positive way of reaching out new customers and most of all position VoIP as a ‘must have’ add-on for Internet Service Providers.

This year we debuted a new booth design and we are proud to say many of the recurrent sponsors noticed it and mentioned how much they like it. This new booth display allowed us to create a more ‘intimate’ space when talking to potential customers, position a generic but impactful message about our role with VoIP. And as a bonus, we were able to complete our set-up in record time!

We have also streamlined our demo process and cut back on the amount of equipment we are using at each show. We decided on using 1 Microsoft Surface, 1 iPad, 1 hard phone and our mobile phones to show our product in “action” rather than relying on multiple devices logged in to demo systems. This allowed us to show our potential customers what they are selling, rather than showing them how to administer a system which is not quite as exciting.

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