PIPEMEDIA joins Bicom Systems’ Service Providers Listings

Bicom Systems’ Service Providers Listings

Company Demonstrates that Software is becoming an established industry choice for Service Providers.

LEICESTER, UK (1st March 2005) – Bicom Systems announced today that on March 1st, 2005 it has introduced PIPEMEDIA, into its unique offering of service providers lists. The Service Providers List is to list all service providers whose services will be setup automatically in PBXware and SWITCHware products. Services’ auto configuration will encourage an even wider range of audience to use VOIP and IP PBX technologies.

“PIPEMEDIA is one of the foremost providers of VoIP service in the UK and backed up by a stock market listing.” said Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems’ President, “Their addition to our Service Providers’ List gives our customers great assurance as to the possibilities when using PBXware or SWITCHware to deploy their solutions.

“We strive to develop the latest technologies to save our customers money on their communications, backed up by world-class support.” said Cherie Everett, Marketing Executive at PIPEMEDIA.

Bicom Systems expects to soon announce the introduction of other Service Providers across the World. This will allow integrators, and, in turn, the End-Users an instant choice of competitive services from around the world such as Trunk routing, termination, DID and origination. Bicom Systems also expects to be announcing agreements shortly with key user agent manufacturers so that IP phones, ATAs etc. may be auto-configured for each user.

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