Sipura Technology Inc. becomes first Hardware Provider to join Bicom Systems Approved Hardware List

Company Demonstrates that Software will provide the simplest way to set up devices

PARIS (January 21, 2005) – Bicom Systems announced today it has introduced its first hardware provider, Sipura Technology, Inc., to create its Hardware Providers Lists. The Hardware Providers List is to list all Hardware providers whose devices will be set up automatically by PBXware and SWITCHware products. The Hardware Provider’s List will expand to become a fully comprehensive selection of supported hardware devices.

“Sipura is the first hardware device that can be autoprovisioned by service providers and PBXware integrators” said Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems’ President, “This step is significant because it demonstrates that a service provider who uses PBXware or SWITCHware can send out hardware devices to customers with confidence that they are auto-provisioned and can be set up easily.”

PBXware and SWITCHware solutions from Bicom Systems will reduce the support issues for Hardware Providers such as ourselves and further promote our devices’ use in the market.” said Sherman Scholten, Sipura VP of Marketing.

Bicom Systems expects to soon announce the introduction of other Hardware Providers. This will allow service providers, integrators and, in turn, the end users the greatest range of choice different VoIP devices from Softphones, ATAs, IP phones and others. Bicom Systems is also adding devices which are auto-provisioned for each user to its list of Service Providers.

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