SWITCHware Get deployed in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Bicom Systems : Telco-in-a-Box Presentation
Las Vegas, Midday, Friday 22nd July 05

SWITCHware is seeing its first high-availability installment in Nevada as we write. This deployment will be used to put in place field benchmarks from which Bicom Systems will move towards a product rollout.

We are also examining hardware possibilities including fault-tolerant solutions that would permit us to make a full offering by early September.

In mind of the above, we are now seeking to advance more actively with partners across North America. To this end we wish to make a demonstration of the Telco-in-a-Box in Las Vegas at Midday, 22nd July at the DoubleTree Club Hotel Las Vegas Airport.

If you are available to attend please reply by Friday to lasvegas@bicomsystems.com and a full description will be provided.

Stephen Wingfield

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