Becoming a Telephony Provider

The Maynard Group started as an Interconnect Company 27 years ago in California and grew into a comprehensive Telephony Provider that today focuses on the Cloud, VoIP, Unified Communications, and Mobility.

Their aim is to “end the hassles of managing multiple vendors” and to save time and money by simplifying telecommunications management. Offering all of the services that your customers require is a good strategy to keeping them satisfied and committed.

By being mindful of the latest technological trends and specializing in outstanding customer service, The Maynard Group grew quickly through referrals to several thousand customers.

The reseller channel is of utmost value to Bicom Systems and we are always happy to have partners with a similar business model and network.

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Mounting Pressure

As is usually the case, with rapid growth comes new and unique challenges. The Maynard Group was steadily expanding their product offering but continued to feel pressure to add newer technologies. The first step was implementing VoIP.

They used VoIP PBXs to connect multiple sites for the first time, a move that was very well received by customers.

Just over five years ago, the next logical step became clear: The Cloud. They began updating their product models and searching for a partner that could support them in expanding to full support of the Cloud.

While the company had become very successful on its own, they knew that partnering with an experienced Cloud provider would help them reach their full potential.

Benefits of The Cloud

The Maynard Group signed on with Bicom Systems in 2016 and began using PBXware to broaden their already successful products. Two years in, they say this has proven to be a great decision for their business and especially their customers.

By offering a Cloud solution they are able to market more features & advantages, for example the removal of the burden of hardware maintenance that comes with an on-premise solution. They have taken on many new customers that were looking for the flexibility and features of a Cloud solution.

Not only that, their existing customers are also excited to have a next step available to them and will stay on with the company rather than falling prey to newer providers with the latest technology.

Staying Ahead

The competition is plentiful these days and all companies run the risk of losing customers to new entrants that wow with brand new technology. We have found that more often than not your customers will want to stick with you if you bring in the new technology.

The Difference of Unified Communications

Dean Maynard, founder and president of The Maynard Group, says that one of his favorite things about Bicom Systems is that it supports not just the backend infrastructure, but all of the extras like gloCOM, our UCaaS app. This means he can work with just one partner rather than juggling several vendors – a business model similar to his own.

Maynard has found that most open-source systems have a series of glitches, but Bicom Systems has overcome the common Asterisk issues with a product that runs smoothly, efficiently, and “just works.” He especially appreciates that onboarding new customers is very quick with no hassle and that the customer “is happy from day one when we put them on Bicom.”

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Maynard says: “Our customers love Bicom’s awesome flexibility and powerful feature set, and we love working with the team at Bicom. Their products have boosted customer loyalty and overall customer spend with us.”

If you are a partner of Bicom Systems and would like your own case study, please contact your Account Manager today.

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