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Start and grow an ITSP business

vSWITCH Pro server provides substantial resources needed for a deployment of a larger ITSP business. If you are entering the market or have already established one, the vSWITCH Pro is the perfect choice at an affordable price point without the need of investing in massive and expensive hardware.

Starting with two nodes populated out of its Quad and easy to upgrade to all four. Each node is capable of delivering 300 – 600 concurrent calls, giving you the opportunity to start and grow without massive capital investment.

Servers & Appliances - vSWITCH Pro

vSWITCHpro is our Service Provider flagship appliance capable of delivering a distributed, redundant and scalable solution (with SERVERware Cluster edition) to an unlimited number of extensions and trunks in a compact form factor.

The vSWITCH pro includes redundant network switches, fans, power supplies, and management modules coupled with powerful server blades preloaded with SERVERware. SERVERware arrives with the PBXware, sipMON and TELCOware templates ready to make fast deployments.


Servers & Appliances - vSWITCH - Integrated IPMI Port

Integrated IPMI port

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface allows you to connect to your server remotely giving you full remote KVM to the server. The IPMI interface will allow you to monitor the status of your server and its resources. Having remote KVM access will save you time from needing to travel to your data center in the event of an issue.

Complete solution

Since we provide both our software and hardware, we can confirm the benchmarking and performance of the hardware. Before offering this solution we put the vSWITCH through some fully benchmarked stress tests. Based on these tests we are able to provide specs and capacity figures for our products.
Servers & Appliances - OfficeBox - Compact Size

Compact Size

2U Chassis server giving you up to 4 compact nodes saving you in rackspace and Hosting Service Costs.
Servers & Appliances - vSWITCH - Hot swappable drives

Hot swappable drives

Should a drive fail you are able to pull the dead drive out and replace it without the need to power the server down and put your customers out of service.

Product Comparison

  • IP Extensions
  • Analog FXO/FXS Extensions
  • Concurrent Calls
  • Call Recording Ports
  • T1 24 PRI Channels
  • Number of NODES
  • Hardware configuration
  • 50
  • 8
  • 25
  • 8
  • 1
  • 1
  • AMD 1 GHz quad 64 bit core
    2GB DRAM
    3 Gigabit Ethernet channels
  • 100
  • 8
  • 30
  • 16
  • 2
  • 1
  • Quad-Core Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz
    Internal Storage 120GB SSD SATA
vSWITCH (per node)
  • 500
  • 8
  • 150 - 300 *
  • 25
  • 0
  • 2
  • Intel Xeon E5-2609v4 TDP 85W
    Kingston DDR4 ECC Memory 8GB
    Intel SSD S3510 DC 240GB
vSWITCH Pro (per node)
  • 1000
  • 8
  • 300 - 600 *
  • 50
  • 0
  • 4
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 TDP 85W
    Kingston DDR4 ECC Memory 8GB
    Intel S3510 DC 480GB

* Depending on the call scenario and the edition of the SERVERware number of calls will vary. If only G711 codec is used without call recording, hardware will be able to push the most calls. If transcoding and/or call recording is used, maximum number of calls will drop.

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